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Karim has slowly but surely reached orbit in the epicentre of the re-edit and disco community.
Emerging from the soundcloud community by editing a variety of good, solid disco, funky and house floorfillers and after he has gained the proper recognition by the most respectful djs / producers / editors of the scene, he’s now ready to „invade“ the most updated record stores globally with his brand new imprint „Dope Beasts Records“.
After his first release on wax, „Dope Beasts Vol 1“, which really became „extinct“ only a couple of days after its release date, he now launches Volume 2, keeping the level high and feeding all music „amantes“ with nutritious house and disco ingredients.
All in all, Karim narrates you his own music fairy-tale! Just put the title „the beauty and the beast“ into plural and get your answer and motive: tracks and edits that are real beauties, coming hand in hand with beasts, „Dope Beasts“ !!!