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chrispop grew up in a tiny village in the woods in the middle of germany, one of those place where you either become a farmer or move away as fast as possible. as soon as he finished school he moved away to munich, the other end of the country, carrying little more than an old, beat up turntable and a box of weird records from the fleamarkets and barns of his hometown.
here, chrispop quickly starded djing in some now long gone and forgotten clubs and started digging for the roots of the music he always liked, hiphop, and fell in love with classic funk & soul from the 60s & 70s.
for over more than a decade chrispop almost exclusively spun vintage soul, funk, ska, reggae, beat & garage punk, but the love for fat breakbeats and big basslines was always lingering in the back of his mind.
when the sound now known as ghettofunk/nufunk/bassmusic started to emerge a few years ago, chrispop knew he had found his scene, allowing him to fuse all his influences and interest into one eclectic, open-minded, genre-defying party sound.
the switch to dvs & laptop-djing led to chrispop producing his own remixes, mashups and tracks which are these days recognized and played all over the world.
today chrispop is playing all over germany and is currently holding two weekly residencies.
besides djing and producing, chrispop co-ran the (at the moment homeless) infamous CUBE club, has been organizing and running successful partys for over a decade and moonlights as a graphic designer in his spare time.